Analytics are becoming more important to users in every industry. The importance and need of data analytics is ever increasing, especially for today’s accountants. From planning to risk assessment to identifying opportunities for their clients, being able to get data timely and knowing how to work with it and use it for actionable insights is critical to a quality audit.

Industry experts are offering a webinar titled, “Evolve or become extinct,” on August 6, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. (ET).

Michael Holmstrom, from Marks Paneth, and Joel Ortner, from Wolters Kluwer, will share valuable insights regarding:

  • Top trends you need to address to stay relevant and competitive
  • Steps you can follow to identify opportunities and benefits for your clients
  • How Wolters Kluwer solutions help

Whether your firm already has data analytics goals outlined or not, every audit has data analytics needs. As technology continues to evolve, it promotes changes to business models and surprises those who are unprepared. Businesses change their strategies and the way they operate. New threats and opportunities arise. In an increasingly data-driven world, CPAs need to be able to adapt to these technological disruptions.

Melody K. Smith

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