New data privacy legislation gets introduced frequently, so the collective changes can impact an organization’s data protection strategy faster and harder than most realize. Information Management brought this topic to us in their article, “A strong data security defense always comes back to the basics.”

It’s impossible for an organization to build a successful security program without a proper foundation. Understanding everything possible about data is key. This is especially true from an employee standpoint. A chunk of data breaches happen at the hands of employees either by accident or with nefarious intent.

Where is the sensitive data and what, if any, controls are in place? Not being aware of where your data resides can have several drawbacks.

Data rarely exists solely on the corporate network. It lives on laptops, tablets, mobile phones, remote offices, and the cloud. Not knowing where data is in an organization can also have other consequences, like increased third-party risk or non-compliance.

Melody K. Smith

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