Concerns around cyber security exists in every stage of software or hardware implementation. When you are embracing an emerging technology like artificial intelligence (AI), those concerns can be over the top. Forbes brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “Seven Common Cyber Security Mistakes Made With AI.”

AI is a new growth channel with the potential to boost productivity and improve customer service. However, risks exist and need to be assessed.

Researchers and cyber security experts are harnessing the potential of AI to create solutions. They are able to identify and prevent hacker attacks with minimal human input. Using machine learning and AI neural networks has enabled developers to adapt to new attack vectors and better anticipate the next steps of cyber criminals. AI is not only good for beefing up security, but it is also good for business.

However, AI could prove a threat for cyber security as more and more companies are set to adopt AI-driven and machine learning products as part of their defense strategy, this could lull employees and IT professionals into a false sense of security. Lowering our guard in the face of rising cyber crime trends could be a fatal mistake.

Melody K. Smith

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