Data analytics tells a story. When I found this article related to a cruise line, with whom I was about to embark on an extended cruise, my curiosity was piqued. What story did their data have to tell, and did I want to hear it? Forbes brought us this interesting information in their article, “Data Analytics On The High Seas: An Interview With Royal Caribbean CIO Martha Poulter.”

The Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Martha Poulter, has developed innovative strategies to leverage technology through the use of data, predictive analytics, social tools, and customer facing digital technologies to predict everything from the routes the ships should take to ordering the right quantities of food for each journey.

Poulter shared some new trends in the world of analytics. First, the space of algorithmic intuition is being maximized to leverage the amount of data and access to real-time information that algorithms can provide. By running a series of experiments within the data space, they have yielded both positive results and other outcomes that indicate a need to change.

That may be the best thing analytics can do for an organization. Let them know when it is time to make a change.

Melody K. Smith

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