Data analytics are finding their value in every type of organization and line of business, even education. Universities are improving their data analytics programs using real-time dashboards. These gather and update student data profiles using multiple data points– from financial information to academic performance — to help advisers and faculty provide better support to students. This interesting topic came to us from EdTech and their article, “What Can Real-Time Data Analytics Do for Higher Education?

Some institutions are even experimenting with real-time data collection tools. This is information that is collected and immediately disseminated, instead of collecting and then processing.

Others are using predictive analytics – historical data collected over long periods of time that informs future choices. Universities can use predictive analytics models to help with several agendas: from improving recruitment and retention to meeting students’ needs. Though predictive analytics has been helpful for universities, the process requires a time commitment that does not always fit with educational institutions.

Melody K. Smith

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