The new year predictions run the gamut from both ends of the spectrum, but the one that caught my eye included predictions on how to stop fake news. Hallelujah! This information came to us from Computer World in their article, “How blockchain will kill fake news (and four other predictions for 2020).”

By allowing digital information to be distributed but not copied, blockchain technology has created the structure of a new type of internet. As it continues to make strides and great impressions with its results, many believe its potential exists beyond cryptocurrencies. Potential projects involve everything from digital identities to supply chain tracking.

The technology has promised to deliver a single version of data truth over a secure, distributed, and immutable ledger. Though it hasn’t achieved that to completion, it remains compelling. As it matures many see it becoming a ubiquitous platform for financial services, ecommerce, and other markets – such as news. World news and video content can and will be authenticated as real by blockchain ledgers in the not so distant future.

Melody K. Smith

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