It is no secret that cloud computing has become a central, valued and indispensable element of our current digital ecosystem. This news came to us from Doxee in their blogpost, “The importance of Cloud Computing for improving Customer Service processes.”

It has been around since the web itself, but more focus has been on its benefits over the past decade. This has led to some semblance of success, especially with regards to customer service.

Because of digital transformation, the customer is no longer a satellite that orbits a company and it is no longer just the final objective of the company’s processes. Today, the customer is the center of business.

The power of cloud computing can help enhance the relationship between customer and business. With the cloud, software is exploited on-demand, is constantly updated and is easily customizable. Together, cloud computing, big data analysis and personalization can be combined to generate a significant increase in the effectiveness of customer relationship operations.

Melody K. Smith

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