The cloud is a common term used in more than just the business world. Personal data storage in the cloud is connected to everyone in some way, i.e. smart phones, etc. The cloud has substantially changed how we access and process data. This interesting topic came to us from Columbus Business First in their article, “How the future of cloud computing is impacting businesses.

Prior to cloud computing or storage, information was stored on computers and local devices. If you needed that information, you had to be connected to that storage device or computer. In addition, you needed to have enough power to process the information, which came with a hefty price tag.

It was static and did not enable any true mobility. Data was stored in the same way traditional books are stored in libraries. If you wanted to read another book, you had to be in a specific location.

Those first pioneers had the foresight and courage to make a change that would be instrumental to this day. Will executive leaders of today be as brave with technology?

Melody K. Smith

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