The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) 2020 calendar of educational events contains some real gems. If you are a member, your development budget won’t take a hit. If you aren’t a member, maybe now is the time to consider it.

On February 12th, the 90-minute webinar titled, “NFAIS Forethought: Cybersecurity: Protecting Your Internal Systems is offered. Every organization, as a standard course of action, should be implementing protection policies and updating protective measures surrounding their confidential data and internal systems. Phishing and malware are a constant threat. As a response, reliable cybersecurity requires an integrated approach in ensuring the safety of networks, devices, and data. How should enterprises and institutions be thinking about their cybersecurity needs? What basic requirements should be in place? What guidelines or best practices exist? What are the best resources? This roundtable discussion will bring together experts active in the field to address these and other questions.

The NISO Education Committee, with input from the NISO membership, has pulled together a comprehensive program with relevance to professionals working across all sectors of the information community. As a member benefit, in 2020, automatic access to all 14 webinars will be provided to all organizational members of NISO.

Melody K. Smith

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