Every business is a technology business. Seriously. At least in the sense that it runs on technology. However, most businesses have a surplus of legacy systems and a deficit of tech talent. This makes modernization very risky and costly. Most businesses can’t afford to rip and replace systems built over the years regardless of how outdated the architecture may be. ZDNet brought this interesting topic to our attention in their article, “K is for Knowledge: Application and data integration for better business, using metadata and knowledge graphs.”

One option might be domain business knowledge. A domain in this context refers to a business sector such as manufacturing, healthcare, banking, insurance, etc. Domain knowledge points to the comprehension and understanding of the inner workings, processes, procedures and other key aspects of an enterprise.

Many businesses have started collecting data, but how do you get from zero to trusted data? Things such as data lineage, access control, and metadata enrichment fall under data governance, and that is the key.

Melody K. Smith

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