Austin is known for its eclectic art and music scene, so it should be no surprise that this is the location of where artificial intelligence (AI) and art is being used collaboratively. This interesting information came to us from the Statesman in their article, “Art meets artificial intelligence: Austin artists explore new meaning in data.”

In one art gallery an artist is using AI to generate images and visuals. Dubbed generative art, the works are created through non-human systems, such as computers.

This isn’t really new. Artists have used algorithms and computers to generate art as far back as the 1950s. However, the infusion of AI into the generative art genre is a relatively new development.

“Across the country, there are shows going up all the time about digital art, AI-generated art, smart technologies and what have you,” said University of Texas art history professor Taylor Bradley. “I think there is plenty of acceptance and excitement over this new medium.”

Melody K. Smith

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