Building a comprehensive data governance model is key, but it requires all departments to bring together disparate datasets to drive value across an organization. Information Age brought this interesting topic to our attention in their article, “Building a data governance model and the challenge of harnessing data.”

Technology has impacted every industry, including marketing, and not always in a positive manner. Responding to this, organizations need to apply governance practices to these areas of business and build a comprehensive data governance model.

In most large organizations, departments are separated and siloed, so working together must be intentional. Data governance provides checks and balances. Having a team who can navigate the data storage, how it is shared and the complexity of the data workflows can help inform data strategy.

Harnessing the data is a challenge for any industry. To get value from the data and apply a data governance model, organizations need to ask important questions, such as: Where does the data sit and what data is really important?

Melody K. Smith

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