As the first quarter of 2020 comes to a close, it is interesting to look back at what the predictions concerning the technology movement were and if there are any indications or affirmations as of yet. Tech Republic brought this interesting news to our attention in their article, “Big data predictions: 8 analytics trends in 2020.

In 2019, enterprise demands were strong for real-time and near real-time analytics, and data continued to expand its role in everyday business operations and decision-making. The predictions are that enterprises will continue to build on these trends in 2020, and that will result in analytics vendors adding new capabilities to their offerings.

One area in particular is expected to get some attention and that is natural language processing. The complexity of natural language processing, coupled with the fact that voice-based applications have a history of slow technological progression, seems to illustrate why expectations have always been low regarding this technology. In recent years, however, natural language recognition, interpretation, and mechanics have greatly improved so there is optimism regarding new applications.

Melody K. Smith

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