My mother raised me to respect rules. As a middle child, I was the rule follower and self-imposed referee to ensure everyone else followed the rules. This wasn’t always easy. However, if I had had the benefit of a taxonomy of childhood/household rules, maybe it would have been easier? This interesting topic came to us from KMWorld in their article, “Why Taxonomy Rules Matter.

At KMWorld 2019, Jason Hein, director, delivery services, Earley Information Science, covered the basics of digital success and explained the importance of taxonomies.

He reminded us that subject matter experts may not need the assistance, but it is important for KM professionals, when they are communicating with people who aren’t experts, to explain the concept that there is a place for everything.

Taxonomies, categories, classifications – whatever you call them – they provide order and hierarchy. After product experts have created a taxonomy, it is challenging to bring in others to interact with the taxonomy. Clear definitions help this interaction be successful.

Melody K. Smith

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