Cyber crime is on the rise, which means organizations have to pay extra attention to cyber security trends such as increased cloud security, vulnerable Internet of Things (IoT) networks, and phishing practices. This topic came to us from Open Access Government in their article, “Which cyber security trends should organisations adopt in 2019?

Cyber crime is common but it is still a shock to read a recent report estimating that hackers could have made as much as 45 billion from their illicit activities in 2018. The staggering number is yet another wake-up call for organizations worldwide to take their cyber security measures seriously.

The IoT devices including routers, IP cameras, and even smart locks and connected doors are being targeted by cyber criminals who are looking to exploit them as a gateway for hacking and other cyber attacks. Despite the several advantages that smart technologies and IoT have offered, there are still vulnerabilities which leave organizations open to attacks.

Melody K. Smith

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