Open access has taken on a new and important role admist the COVID-19 pandemic. Scientists around the world are in the spotlight openly and rapidly sharing their research findings to build knowledge on the deadly virus. This interesting news came to us from Mirage News in their article, “Open access science brings COVID-19 research success.

Open access to scientific information and open data facilitate better and faster research towards a vaccine and inform public health measures essential to contain the spread of the virus. Professionals hope that this open access to research will become the new normal for researchers in all areas into the future, not just a rare collaboration forged in emergency circumstances.

Personal data, such as health and geolocation, can be key measures taken against COVID-19, including for the mapping of the location and spread of the disease, assessing the impact of governments’ measures to contain the virus, and providing targeted information in high-risk areas.

Melody K. Smith

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