Deep learning is finding new ways to be of benefit to users. This artificial intelligence (AI) function imitates the workings of the human brain in processing data and creating patterns for use in decision-making. Deep learning is a subset of machine learning in artificial intelligence (AI) that has networks capable of learning unsupervised from data that is unstructured. This interesting topic came to us from Tech Radar Pro in their article, “How deep learning could revolutionize broadcasting.

Broadcasters and movie studios are starting to explore the potential of modern technologies to bring a new generation of filmed entertainment to our TV sets and cinemas. Both machine and  deep learning are the buzzwords that have attracted video executives with promises of revolutionary new abilities for video creation and editing.

Deep learning, in particular, is the new frontier for the video industry, allowing video professional to do things automatically that would have taken weeks of work in the past, as well as some things that wouldn’t have been possible at all.

Melody K. Smith

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