e-Learning or digital education is not new, but it has certainly been in great demand over the past few months as the world sheltered-in-place to weather out the pandemic. Organizations quickly decided that teleworking was possible after all and schools have figured out how to make the best of digital learning from home with frazzled parents and distant teachers. This interesting topic came to our attention from The Hindu in their article, “When education goes digital.”

While digital learning platforms are currently substituting for regular learning methods, they can complement the traditional in the future as well – whatever that will look like.

However, there are challenges now that will only grow as this temporary educational model continues. One is access. Not every family or student has access to a laptop. In the past the school’s answer was to use the library – but in a world where public buildings are closed, where does that leave the student?

Digital is the future and much like books and other school supplies, a reconsideration of electronics must take place for this distance learning to be successful over the long term.

Melody K. Smith

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