More and more information is saved as data every day and only getting greater as more users go online. That means more data is being stored in the cloud than ever before, opposed to hardware. Security Boulevard brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “Data Security Issues in Cloud Computing.

There are three types of cloud: public, private and hybrid. Public cloud is the most common. Private cloud refers to resources that are operated by a single organization but may be hosted by third parties. Hybrid cloud amalgamates the two, offering the ability to move data between public and private clouds. Sensitive information can be privately hosted by the organization, while other services can be stored in other public clouds, external to the company.

All that to say that data security in cloud computing is needed to protect digital information from any threats that could jeopardize its integrity. Security capabilities are put in place to combat cyber threats and vulnerabilities, ensuring data is not leaked.

Melody K. Smith

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