There is no argument, data is currently the single most valuable asset that any organization owns, regardless of its size or segment of business. Data has become a crucial part of doing business. This interesting topic came to us from IT Pro Portal in their article, “The weapon every CDO should have in their arsenal.”

When data is harnessed effectively, companies can boost productivity and improve decision making, enabling them to stand out from the competition and offer real value to their customers. This requires the ability to derive insights from the data they are collecting. In addition, they must also be able to protect the data and ensure its quality so that any intelligence they gather and learn from it can be used to inform wider strategies across the business.

Technology connects users and applications to a single logical view of all information within an organization, no matter where it resides – whether from a business intelligence, data science, or data virtualization tool – the results are joined into a single, easily digestible package.

Melody K. Smith

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