The University of Chicago Medicine has made possible a new, massive database of medical images from COVID-19 patients that will be available to researchers so they can use them to better understand and fight the illness. This came to be with support from a $20 million federal grant. The Chicago Tribune brought this interesting information to us in their article, “New University of Chicago center will collect thousands of X-rays, CT scans to aid with COVID-19 research.”

The images — such as X-rays and CT scans — will be collected at the University of Chicago and be open source, meaning they’ll be available to researchers around the world. The mainly virtual center created under the contract with the National Institutes of Health expects to collect more than 10,000 images in its first three months.

This database will speed up the sharing of research on COVID-19 and provide insights as to the long-term impact of the virus as well as potential resurgences of the illness.

Melody K. Smith

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