2020 is more than halfway gone, but technology trends didn’t stop for the pandemic. This interesting topic came to us from Techiexpert in their article, “Big Data Analytics trends to watch out in 2020.”

Information specialists are constantly researching their business, the opposition, customer needs/wants and quickening advancement patterns. Even with the change in the status quo of business, the big data analytics trends in 2020 are changing their working, marketing, and procedure models in like manner. 

One of the biggest trends involves data analytics. Increased analysis of data, in spite of or because of the pandemic, has resulted in an increased investigation in the next surge of information and examination tools. Data analytics utilizes artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and other emerging technologies to change how content is made, consumed and shared. 

Business intelligence will be dependent on the information and insights that come from data analytics, in order to enhance customer relationships and to put together business strategies for after the pandemic.

Melody K. Smith

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