Artificial intelligence (AI) is a common term used in everything from research and healthcare to your home HVAC system. Since technology is developing at a pace that’s never been seen before, new advancements and breakthroughs happen far more frequently than at any time in the past. AI is usually involved in those advancements. This interesting topic came to us from AiThority in their article, “The Difference Between AI Machine Learning And Deep Learning – And Why They Matter.

AI is driving emerging technology and the digital transformation of organizations in all manner of business. However, when many people hear about AI, their first thoughts still often go to science fiction films of years gone by.

A common misconception is that a solution or piece of software can either be or use AI. Such tools are better described as displaying or exhibiting AI. They’re artificial – they’re machines that are displaying intelligence. And by machine, we mean an algorithm.

Melody K. Smith

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