Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to develop and is constantly pushing the envelope with innovation and applications. Analytics Insight brought this interesting topic to our attention in their article, “Responsible AI Can Effectively Deploy Human-Centered Machine Learning Model.

AI has shown its capacity to automate routine tasks for our everyday life, all the while augmenting with new insight. Consolidating human imagination and creativity with the adaptability of machine learning has been successful at increasing our engagement and comprehension.

However, like most things this important, there are bigger issues at play. AI raises worries on numerous fronts because of its possibly disruptive effect. While this is important, these issues are manageable with the correct planning, oversight, and governance.

Responsible AI research is a rising field that advocates for better practices and techniques in deploying machine learning models. The objective is to build trust while at the same time limiting potential risks not exclusively to the organizations deploying these models, yet additionally the users they serve. In other words, bringing ethics to forefront.

Melody K. Smith

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