At first glance, cloud computing and cybersecurity might feel like polar opposites. The first requires storing your data off-site, and the second requires building virtual walls around it, protecting your data at all costs. Cloud computing means outsourcing, trusting a vendor to keep your data and transactions safe. Cybersecurity means keeping it all close, trusting on-site staff, procedures, and protocols to do the job. This interesting topic came to our attention in their blogpost, “A Few Questions on Cybersecurity and the Cloud.”

The rising cost of cyberattacks and the deteriorating cybersecurity landscape is a public policy problem. Most organizations, including governments, struggle to protect themselves against efforts to undermine their information systems.

Cloud governance today is characterized by redundant security and certification regimes, a plethora of national data governance rules and myriad contractual obligations from large enterprise firms and governments. Cloud governance in the future is likely to see these trends accelerate.

Melody K. Smith

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