Many can relate to how hard it is to roll out edge-cloud solutions, especially given the multiple challenges at the edge itself. LF Edge brings together projects within the Linux Foundation, which “aims to establish an open, interoperable framework for edge computing independent of hardware, silicon, cloud, or operating system.” This interesting topic came to us from IoT Evolution in their article, “As IoT Continues to Evolve, LF Edge Explores the Edge Continuum in a New White Paper.”

Edge computing is transforming the way data is being handled, processed and delivered from millions of devices around the world. The explosive growth of Internet-connected devices, the Internet of Things (IoT), along with new applications that require real-time computing power, continues to drive edge-computing systems.

At its basic level, edge computing brings computation and data storage closer to the devices where data is gathered, rather than relying on a central location that can be thousands of miles away.

Melody K. Smith

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