The Artificial Intelligence Incident Database (AIID) is a crowdsourced platform that seeks to apply some best practices in the world of artificial intelligence (AI). The platform is being used to document and compile AI failures to prevent their reoccurrence. This interesting topic came to us from Vice in their article, “This Database Is Finally Holding AI Accountable.”

The database is described as a systematized collection of incidents where intelligent systems have caused safety, fairness or other real-world problems. The AIID’s foundation lies in creating a repository of articles about different times AI has failed in real-world applications. Examples include everything from warning consumers of Alexa’s tendency to respond to television commercials to the death of a car factory worker after he was stabbed by a robot on site. 

This may seem like it is on the tin-foil hat conspiracy journey, but AI takeover fear is a real-thing, even outside Hollywood. An AI takeover is a hypothetical scenario in which AI becomes the dominant form of intelligence on Earth, with computer programs or robots effectively taking the control of the planet away from the human species. Some highly respected public figures, such as Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk, have advocated research into precautionary measures to ensure future superintelligent machines remain under human control.

Melody K. Smith

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