Emerging technologies have benefitted business and lives. However, there are some concerns regarding security that is getting some attention. This interesting topic came to us from Tech Stream in their article, “How the NSC can better tackle emerging technology threats.”

Technology has always resulted in change, for the good and the bad. With regard to security of data, technology has run parallel with advancements in processing and protecting. Rapid and profound advances in hardware and software, paired with the global shift to digitally networked communications and transactions, have transformed the economic and security landscape.

New risks to personal safety and national security have realized a strategic competition between the United States and China, and increased collective vulnerability to malicious characters.

In this new administration, the priorities of the National Security Council (NSC), which sets the stage for government’s approach to national security, is being challenged. Incorporating emerging technology into security decision making involves a comprehensive restructuring, with the NSC occupying a supporting role rather than taking the lead.

Melody K. Smith

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