Who wouldn’t want a crystal ball in business or in life? The ability to see the future and make decisions now that will make that future brighter and better. This interesting information came to us from Diginomica in their article, “How to use data and analytics to navigate business turbulence.”

The ability to quickly gather important and telling facts and data points about your business is key to making informed decisions and overcoming any crisis. The current COVID-19 pandemic being a perfect example.

Today there is so much data coming at businesses in real time it is difficult to gather, organize and put it to good use. Many organizations simply get overwhelmed and throw in the towel.

Everyone is seeing a shift in resources and capacity. Utilizing the predictive data will help you figure out where you have room to maneuver and where you’re being stretched too thin. No one can afford to fly blind, especially as we venture into the post-pandemic world.

Melody K. Smith

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