Job growth had an outlier impacting the research in 2020 known as COVID-19, but nevertheless, recent research claims that the number of technology job listings in the UK declined by 57% over the past year. Business Cloud brought this interesting news to our attention in their article, “UK tech jobs fall 57% in year since COVID hit.”

Demand for skills in cutting-edge technologies such as cloud, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics saw a resurgence in many parts of the country. 

The overall decline was driven by a reduced number of job listings for data analytics and cyber security professionals, which fell 53% and 54%, respectively. 

Cloud computing was the most in-demand technology skill in the UK over the past year. This reflects the fact that a greater number of companies looked to cloud services to support their remote workforces and transform their businesses. This isn’t surprising in the world of remote working.

Even with the drop in job growth, there are signs that UK technology professionals have expanded their skillsets over the same period of time.

Melody K. Smith

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