Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to enhance all areas of our lives. In the creation of musical instruments, AI is now being used to determine construction and design for the best produced sounds. EurekAlert! brought this interesting topic to our attention in their article, “Violinmaking meets artificial intelligence.”

The ability to predict the sound of a violin design could be a game changer for violin makers, as not only will it help them do better than the “grand masters”, but it will also help them explore the potential of new designs and materials.

Violins are extremely complex objects, and their geometry is defined by their outline, arching on the horizontal and vertical sections. By randomly changing parameters, such as radii and center position of the circles, arching, thickness, mechanical characteristics of the wood, etc., they built a dataset of violins, which includes shapes that are very similar to those used in violin making, but also designs that had never been seen before.

Melody K. Smith

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