When you hear the word “cryptography”, do you think of a James Bond movie or a map? If it was map, you are thinking of cartography. Digital Insurance brought this interesting topic to our attention in their article, “Fight insurance fraud with cryptography.”

Cryptography is the art of writing or solving codes. It is a science and specific forms of cryptography called privacy enhancing techniques may hold the key to battling insurance fraud by delivering the benefits of data collaboration without the risks of data sharing.

Using cryptography effectively requires the user to challenge long-held orthodoxies about data privacy and security or to fundamentally rethink information management.

When transmitting electronic data, the most common use of cryptography is to encrypt and decrypt email and other plain-text messages. The simplest method uses the symmetric or “secret key” system. Secret key cryptography is widely used to keep data confidential. It can also be used to keep messages transmitted across the internet confidential.

Melody K. Smith

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