There is no argument that the COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed health care and digital health technologies. DocWire News brought this to our attention in their article, “Digital Health: Unlocking Value in a Post-Pandemic World.”

Now, here and around the world, hundreds of thousands of health care systems are considering how they can continue to connect with their patients after the pandemic.

Digital health has been used in many cases to continue the essential functions of health systems. As the post-pandemic world and normality returns, further needs will have to be met with a digital patient interaction. One barrier to fully leveraging digital tools is the lack of a framework for classifying the type of digital health care. This can limit our ability to design, deploy, evaluate and communicate through digital means. 

Health systems can better implement digital tools with a value-driven purpose. Defining the role of digital health in the post-pandemic world will be needed to build a bridge.

Melody K. Smith

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