Many people are unaware that artificial intelligence (AI) is already used in several daily life and business applications, most likely because it isn’t always known as AI. It has many different facets and partners that rely on the same technology. This interesting subject came to us from BBN Times in their article, “What Are The Most Surprising Fields That Rely On Artificial Intelligence And Most People Are Generally Unaware Of?”

Machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing are just a few of the more common and known terms. AI is different things to different applications and organizations, and so much more than one technology. Making the content findable is important to knowledge management.

The same goes for Data Harmony. It is so much more than just an editor; it’s a suite of tools to help you with your semantic search journey. The Data Harmony suite analyzes, manages and enriches content – it’s much more than a single-purpose tool.

Melody K. Smith

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