Ford Motor Co. is utilizing engineers, designers and other non-IT professionals to harness artificial intelligence (AI) technology in response to pressing issues, including supply-chain challenges. The Wall Street Journal brought this interesting topic to our attention in their article, “Ford Taps Non-IT Professionals to Broaden Its AI Expertise.

Over the past year, Ford has trained more than 1,000 employees on a platform housing home-grown and purchased AI development tools.

AI builders are working on an AI-optimization model that will help the company decide which vehicles should be shipped to which European countries to optimize sales and distribution. The AI model takes into account thousands of variables, including the carbon-dioxide emissions of each vehicle type, each countries’ emission standards, the amount of miles citizens in a particular country drive, as well as the adoption of electric vehicles and the size of vehicles preferred in each country.

Ford isn’t the only organization to expand AI development tools beyond their data scientists, 15% to 20% of businesses that have embraced the technology have initiated AI democratization efforts.

Melody K. Smith

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