Many enterprises are shifting towards a hybrid or full cloud computing model, which while an advantage in many ways, can bring major cybersecurity headaches if not managed properly. This interesting news came to us from the Digital Journal in their article, “Cloudy future? The main trends set to rocket cloud computing.”

The use of cloud computing applications has grown significantly in the last two years as the COVID-19 pandemic forced many organizations to adapt to remote working. While this has brought benefits, the increased use of cloud applications and services also brings security risks. Employees can now access corporate applications from anywhere — and that can be exploited by cyber criminals.

Some organizations, when deploying cloud based services, may believe that the security element is handled entirely by the vendor, when this often isn’t the case.

We are living in the age of data. Data informs decisions and is an integral component of business. However, despite the rising importance of data, we are not seeing a proportional increase in data security.

Melody K. Smith

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