Today Access Innovations, Inc. announced the launch of Data Harmony Hub™, a cloud-based platform that provides fully automated content tagging using expertly curated taxonomies. Users can easily and quickly select from a variety of existing taxonomies that are continuously maintained and updated. Data Harmony Hub is a managed service allowing organizations that need their content to be tagged to improve search for their users, to provide better insight into their digital assets, to identify new revenue streams, and to greatly reduce risk and compliance issues.

“We have found that some organizations want to improve their search results without having to create a custom taxonomy or ontology,” stated Barry Bealer, Chief Revenue Officer at Access Innovations. “For those organizations, we have developed a 3-step process that includes a low-code integration with our Data Harmony Hub, automating the content tagging process without adding work to an already overburdened staff.”

The Data Harmony Hub is the result of working with Access Innovations’ clients over many years to understand their goal to integrate a tagging and semantic enrichment process into their workflow. The low-code integration allows organizations to easily connect their content management system or document store to Data Harmony Hub. Once integrated, the managed service works behind the scenes 24/7 to improve the findability and discoverability of content.

“The Data Harmony Suite will continue to be our foundational semantic software suite that helps our clients build the custom taxonomies and ontologies they need to identify concepts in their content,” stated Marjorie M. K. Hlava, President and Founder of Access Innovations. “Data Harmony Hub offers an economical alternative when improving search is the requirement, and industry standard taxonomies provide enough accuracy to meet their goals.”

Data Harmony is an award-winning semantic suite that leverages explainable AI.

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About Access Innovations, Inc.

Access Innovations empowers our clients to realize their search goals by leveraging our Data Harmony Suite, Data Harmony Hub, and our team of semantic experts.  Whether you need a taxonomy/thesaurus editor, a metadata enrichment tool, or content analysis tools to help construct a semantic model, Data Harmony helps you build explainable AI that increases your search precision by over 90% and your team’s productivity by over 7 times. For more information about Access Innovations or Data Harmony, please go to or