Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing how we do business, how we access information and the quality of our lives. Lifewire brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “How AI Keeps Tabs on the Elderly.”

AI is increasingly being used in healthcare and our homes. It is also being used to monitor the elderly when they live alone. The AI system checks in on seniors by calling them to check on their health and well-being.

This is part of a growing industry of AI tools and robots that could help assist people who are aging. With the largest staffing shortage in history, this might be an answer to replacing human contact for the elderly. As you can imagine, this has caused some concern. This is in part due to their lack of understanding about the AI technology.

Explainable AI allows users to comprehend and trust the results and output created by machine learning algorithms. Why is this important? Because explainability becomes critical when the results can have an impact on data security or safety.

Melody K. Smith

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