Google is using machine learning to help with security around Chrome, making it more enjoyable. This interesting information came to us from AI News in their article, “Google employs ML to make Chrome more secure and enjoyable.

In the next release of Chrome, the web browser will use machine learning to predict when permissions prompts are unlikely to be accepted by users based on their previous interactions with similar prompts. The machine learning model, which will run entirely run on the device, will silence these permissions requests after evaluating that users are unlikely to grant them.

Some of Chrome’s accessibility and security features already use machine learning to make the web safer and more inclusive, and the Chrome team is now building a machine learning model to make notification permission prompts less annoying.

Most organizations, even some giants, have little knowledge of how artificial intelligence (AI) systems make the decisions they do, and how the results are applied. Explainable AI allows users to comprehend and trust the results and output created by machine learning algorithms. “Explainable AI” is used to describe an AI model, its expected impact and potential biases.

Melody K. Smith

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