It’s not too late to register for this week’s educational opportunity. The Future of Scholarly Publishing: Three Trends to Be Ready For is Thursday, September 15th at 11am (ET).

This webinar will look at the future of scholarly publishing. Industry leaders will tell us what they see as the top three changes that we all need to be ready for. Will it be advances in artificial intelligence products that change how knowledge creators and curators do what they do?  Will it be changes in research funding approaches that affect what research is done and how it is shared? Will it be uncertainty about revenue requiring publishers to change their business models?

It is being moderated by Shirley Decker-Lucke, Content Director at SSRN. Speakers include: Ann Gabriel, SVP Global Strategic Networks, Elsevier; Elizabeth Scarpelli, Director, University of Cincinnati Press & CLIPS; and Patrick Shafe, Commercial Director, Deanta.

Register here.

Melody K. Smith

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