A persistent myth is that cloud platforms are inherently secure — but in reality, the next cyberattack could always be around the corner. While cloud-based data storage can be equipped with cybersecurity measures to prevent data breaches, if an enterprise hosts a large amount of valuable customer data, even a partial breach can have far-reaching negative effects. This important and interesting topic came to us from ISACA in their article, “Projecting Cybersecurity in 2023.”

Because an organization’s cloud storage contains enormous amounts of extraordinarily valuable data, if an attacker gains access to a mere fraction of these data, it can cause significant damage.

The popularity of remote work has introduced new cybersecurity threats to both cloud and on-premise environments. Malicious actors are taking advantage of the increased opportunities for attack due to the increased usage of remote work tools.

Though remote work is nothing new, it will continue to be a security concern. Hackers will become more innovative in their approaches to targeting remote workers. It has never been more important to be diligent about cyberprotection.

Melody K. Smith

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