June 2, 2010 – SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. The idea is that indexing, content, and links can boost a Web page in a Google’s search result list. LSI is shorthand for latent semantic indexing. A definition from PCForHire says:

LSI uses word associations to help search engines know more accurately what a page is about.

If you navigate to Google and enter define:LSI, Google does not recognize this acronym, and our hunch is that most people don’t know what LSI means either.

We read “SEO And LSI How To Use Latent Semantic Indexing” and noted some interesting points in the article:

First, the write-up references LSA, a related method of processing content. We were surprised by the inclusion of both LSI and LSA in a short, essentially non technical write up. You can learn more about LSA which means latent semantic analysis. Both LSI and LSA seem to be a far reach for the SEO consultants with whom we have interacted.

Second, Google, according to the write up, “is utilized by Google primarily to detect spam, in respect of excessive repetition of keywords in an effort to fool the various search engines into providing a excessive listing for that keyword.” We don’t know too much about Google’s numerical recipes, but with large amounts of data, Google’s use of a mathematical method makes sense. Somewhere along the line we heard that the Oingo / Applied Semantics technology played a part in AdSense and other Google services.

Third, we found this passage interesting but it left us asking, “How can a Webmaster use these technologies?”

LSI is used to determine the true meaning of homonyms, heteronyms and polysemes. Homonyms are spelled and pronounced the same, however have different meanings, reminiscent of lock, with three meanings. A heteronym is a phrase spelled the identical as one other, but with a special pronunciation and which means, such as lead: a steel or to be in front. Polysemes are phrases spelled the same, and from the same root, however used in another way corresponding to a mole – a burrowing animal, or a mole – a spy deliberately placed in an organization. Each moles have the same root, but the words are utilized in completely different contexts. LSI or LSA can be utilized to determine the difference by way of analysis of the other words within the text.

The article contains a wealth of information. If you are in search of a better SEO method, you may find some useful sign posts in the Creative Digi Works’ article.


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