August 11, 2010 – As more and more information heads out in the World Wide Web, the problem of how to safely store it and where to put it all comes to mind. From medical records, to legal documents, to consumer space, it appears that things are getting more than a little tight. Digitization is one option that has been explored for a solution and a closer look is available here.

A tapeless backup system, if properly re-purposed to disc capacity, and used in conjunction with VMware, is just one simple solution. The downside of this is that this type of solution, which will get you through for a short while, could possibly be replaced in the very near future. Managing media comes with its own set of challenges. Different operating systems sharing the same disc and thus allowing people with different operating systems seems to be a common thread.

If cramped for space, one of these might be the answer. It is far better to stick with a proven solution, though.

Glenn Black

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