August 13, 2010 – The official unveiling of MatchMetrix 7 into the medical indexing field was held recently. NextGate, already known for health care specific products, claims this Master Data Platform (MDM) will build industry leading specific indexes that will enable the management of information in multi-participant environments in any domain.

Further honing the focus, NextGate also has zeroed in with enhanced products such as MatchMetrix 7, which includes the updated MatchMetrix Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) Suite, MatchMetrix Provider Index Suite, and MatchMetrix Terminology Index Suite. Business Wire ran this news in their article, “NextGate Launches MatchMetrix 7 and Healthcare-Specific Suites for Low Cost, Customized Health Information Exchanges”.  Some of the features claimed with this new program include improved security and access control; enhanced auditing; easier configuration; significant performance gains; and new schemas for providers. Designed to be simpler and less costly to build, the focus is on medical information. If one thing has got to be right, it is this.

Glenn Black

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