August 25, 2010 – The original vision for the semantic web was that digital information would be just as readable and understandable to a person or to a machine. Some software currently has a limited understanding of simple metadata. But there seems to be a log jam in the semantic world. recently wrote a blog post discussing this situation titled, “What’s the point of the semantic web?”  The author seems to be yearning for inference – what he sees as the key to loosening that log jam. Simply, if five facts are stated to a system, using an ontology and a reasoner, the system will be able to deduce fifteen facts by applying logic rules.

Interesting post. Seems simple enough; however, that approach only works after the ontology development has been done by qualified, experienced professionals who can assist you in managing your content with comprehensive results. Access Innovations has this expertise and a track record to back it up.

Melody K. Smith

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