September 2, 2010 – From a featured story at titled “Google deepens commitment to realtime search”, the search engine Google has recently announced expanded commitment for providing realtime search results. Social media is the generating force.

Social indexes such as Facebook and Twitter will be lending content from their collective databases. With the influence of social networking exploding more and more on a daily basis, some can argue that this is the next logical step. General search topics can and will evolve more rapidly than the “old” traditional search indexing methods. Similar to the Twitter way of realtime tweet data, results data will be displayed in a constantly updating stream. Privacy is one concern that has been addressed by many, but Google assures users that in order for content to be indexed, it must be available publicly.

Content search is evolving at a rapid rate and this type of content indexing was just a matter of time. A computer screen is nice, but the human race still longs for a human touch.

Glenn Black

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