November 2, 2010 – Tabi Software’s SlipBox application, which carries the slogan “Snug Productivity Software”, supports the work of the note-taker and not surprisingly attempts to do it distraction-free. SlipBox is based on traditional slip-boxes – loose collections of paper slips in a box – and manages the notes in a way similar to human memory.

We found this news on iPadmodo in their post, “SlipBox Extends Your Memory with Associative Searches.“ When taking notes, SlipBox actively discourages the use of categories such as those required by most note-taking applications. The user writes ideas as notes on slips and adds a few tags. Optimally, the user should choose keywords that seem relevant at that point but not try to create a keyword ontology. 

We get that the basic idea is that each slip contains a few tags that shares keywords. The more keywords are shared, the stronger association. But it seems odd to not even want an ontology to provide structure to the system. 

Melody K. Smith

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