November 25, 2010 – The surge in activity around open bibliographic metadata was noted and discussed on the blog, Information Environment Team. The British Library and the CERN library are two notable examples of libraries that have decided to release their bibliographic metadata under an open license. Equally as interesting are websites such as Open Library and engaging in the collection and reuse of open bibliographic metadata.

Andy McGregor, blogger from Information Environment Team, was the source of this insight in his post, “What does open bibliographic metadata mean for academic libraries?” McGregor points out that the experimentation isn’t limited to libraries; there is exciting work happening in related sectors such as cultural heritage. Two very good examples are the Culture Grid (which is a collection of UK cultural heritage content produced by the Collections Trust) and Digital New Zealand (which focuses on enabling the reuse of content from New Zealand’s cultural heritage institutions).

McGregor is excited about the future for bibliographic data. Read the complete article and join the conversation.

Melody K. Smith

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