November 10, 2010 – A new travel database, Tripbase, has taken artificial intelligence into the world of travel planning and beyond. Travel planning isn’t like shopping where you can download a product catalog. People want to know more details about their location, whether it be the color of the sand on the beaches or the local etiquette du jour.

This interesting and refreshing information was found on in their article, “The AI Behind Your Next Vacation.” Tripbase is designed to comb through historical flight prices, content on blogs, photo sites, video sites and hundreds of other travel related data feeds, scraping from over 5,000 trusted and valued websites a day with an additional 200,000 sites viewed on a less regular basis.

Part of what defines Tripbase as using artificial intelligence is that the system learns over time and gets smarter. By creating ontologies as the amount of data increases, so does its reliability. Another use of semantic technology with ontology development doing its job.

Melody K. Smith

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