January 27, 2011 – We all would like to think our content is intelligent. Properly defined, inttelligent content means content that serves more than one purpose or is used in more than one technology. You know it is intelligent when it is discoverable, reusable, and adaptable.

This interesting topic was found on The Content Wrangler in their post, “What is Intelligent Content?” The author defines intelligent content with two basic qualifiers – structurally rich and semantically aware. Content in which the structure has meaning – with “semantic structures” – enables us to understand what types of content are contained within the documents and other content types we create. The word semantic is defined as having meaning, so content with meaning, i.e. tags, metadata, etc. Semantic metadata makes findability possible – the key to sharing content. Sharing makes the world go around, and that’s not just in kindergarten.

Melody K. Smith

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